New to FBC









Guest FAQs?

Where should I park?

Parking is very easy and for the first time visitor we have designated visitor parking spaces near the main entrance.  Feel welcome to use these spaces as we want you to be our special guests.

What should I wear?


We here at FBC simply want you to come as you are.  There is no expected dress.  You will find everything from blue jeans to dress pants, and everything in between.  What is important is your presence here with us!

What is the worship experience like?

We have a blended worship style with both more contemporary elements and some of the classic traditional elements.  Freedom to express your love for Christ is greatly encouraged.  Here you will find nobody who is perfect, but you will find everyone who needs Jesus.

Where do I take my children?

We love children, and at FBC parents will be guided by our welcome team to the nursery, children's classes, or youth group meeting depending on the age of your child.

Where are the restrooms? 

Everyone needs to know where the restrooms are located.  Fortunately, you will find the main restrooms to the right and left as you enter the main entrance.